Zaliv Ship Design specializes in three main areas: transport ships, cruise ships and ferries, offshore and specialized vessels. Our main partners are the company's largest shipbuilding groups, such as the Damen Group and STX Europe from Germany, France, Holland, Ukraine, Romania, Canada, Russia and the Czech Republic.

Ship Design is modern and fast developing group of design companies and we are concentrated on Customers satisfaction. We do this because of:

  • Experienced, highly motivated and ambitious  young engineering team;
  • CAD flexibility and engineering experience in different wide-range types of vessels;
  • Complete basic design and detail engineering package (hull, pipes, outfitting & cable trays);
  • Customization of engineering documentation according to the yard requirements;
  • Using  state of the art IT solutions in everyday engineering processes:
    • Citrix technology;
    • VPN – channels;
    • FTP access. 
  • High quality and competitive price.

These productive property and capability allows our company to deliver  following own yearly capacity:

 Steel Hull

  – 46 000 m-hs;

 Pipe & System

  – 30 800 m-hs;

Furthermore our partnering subcontractors in Mykolayiv make it possible to increase productive capacity by 30%-40% on customer demand.

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